The programme is open to graduate students of law. The undergraduate degree must be completed before the beginning of the programme. Applicants must have excellent knowledge of the English language and should be interested in criminal justice and its transnational implications. The LLM programme is open to up to 20 students. Out of these, up to 15 will be offered a scholarship.

Applications have to be in English and shall be sent ONLY in electronic form (e-mail) to
Please submit applications in Word or PDF format only.

Please print out and fill in the application form.
Each application for admission is automatically regarded as an application for a scholarship. Applications must contain:

• a scan of the completed application form
• a letter of motivation
• a curriculum vitae
• a certificate of successful completion of studies
• a transcript of the applicant’s academic record
• proof of excellent English language skills
• a high school diploma
• further certificates, or letters of
  recommendation, if applicable.




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